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The securities law firm of David R. Chase, P.A. (the “Firm”), headed by former SEC Prosecutor David R. Chase, is currently investigating claims on behalf of investors who purchased Lehman Brothers Principal Protected Notes or other Lehman Structured Notes, which were heavily marketed and sold by several of the major Wall Street Firms, including UBS. The Lehman Brothers Principal Protected Notes were pitched to investors, including retirees and the elderly, seeking a safe and conservative...
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The Law Firm of David R. Chase, P.A., headed by former Securities and Exchange Commission Prosecutor and Special Assistant United States Attorney, David R. Chase, is currently representing investors against securities brokerage firms, including Securities America and Workman Securities Corporation, which sold Medical Capital Securities.  These FINRA Arbitration claims allege that the brokerage firms failed to conduct adequate due diligence of Medical Capital prior to agreeing to sell it to its retail customers, and that...
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