Pitched to investors as a defensive, hedged play against market downside, the Foresee Strategies Insurance Funds certainly did not perform as represented, causing tremendous losses to many individual investors who never intended to speculate or take substantial risks with their hard earned monies. The Foresee Strategies Insurance Funds were shut down in May of 2010. The demise of these funds may have been attributable to high-risk, naked options trading.

For investors who purchased the Foresee Strategies Insurance Funds through a securities broker-dealer, they must pursue their claims against the brokerage firm in FINRA arbitration. On average, the arbitration process takes around 12 months from filing to have a case heard. As of today, no class action case, which can take years to go to trial, appears to have been filed.

Typical claims in arbitration include unsuitability (that the investment was not suitable for the client given his/her investment objectives, risk tolerance, age, etc.), and misrepresentation and omission (that certain material facts about the investment were false or untrue, or that certain important information was not disclosed). The Foresee Strategies Insurance Fund may have been unsuitable for the elderly, retired or those seeking a low-risk, non-speculative investment strategy.

I have been speaking with investors in the Foresee Strategies Investor Fund who have sustained losses of the vast majority of their principal investment. My law firm represents investors nationwide and works on a contingency fee basis, meaning if there is no recovery no attorney’s fees are owed.

If you suffered losses in Foresee Strategies Insurance Fund, call now for a free and confidential case evaluation.

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