SEC Whistleblower Representation

SEC Whistleblower Representation

The Firm represents individuals on a contingency fee basis who seek to file whistleblower claims with the SEC and CFTC.

The SEC and CFTC Whistleblower Programs provide monetary incentives for individuals to report original information of suspected violations of the federal securities and commodities laws by paying financial bounties to the whistelblower when more than $1 million in funds are recovered in an enforcement action.  The bounty payout to the whistleblower can range between 10% to 30% of the recovered funds.  An individual may file a whistleblower claim anonymously through legal counsel. ​

The Firm’s principal, David R. Chase, Esq., previously served as Senior Counsel in the SEC’s Enforcement Division and thus understands the types of cases, the quality of the evidence and the manner in which it needs to be presented to best maximize the chance that the SEC will successfully pursue the case and potentially pay a bounty to the whistleblower.

My law firm has joined forces with the Silver Law Group to leverage resources and expertise on CFTC and SEC whistleblower cases.  Scott Silver, Esq., the principal of the Silver Law Group, is an ardent advocate for securities fraud victims as well as an experienced SEC Whistleblower lawyer, and has written a definitive SEC whistleblower primer, which is available upon request.  For more information, check out our firms’ joint website at:

David R. Chase, Esq. interviewed on SEC Whistleblower Program