UBS Hit Hard in Recent Arbitration Awards Involving Sale of Lehman Principal Protected Notes

UBS Financial Services, Inc. was a big seller of Lehman Principal Protected Notes, hawking almost $1 billion worth to its clients. The Lehman Notes were pitched to investors, including retirees and the elderly, seeking a safe and conservative “risk free” haven for their monies. As is now painfully clear, the “100 percent principal protection” guarantee was illusory as it became essentially worthless when Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy.

Recently, UBS was hit hard in two arbitration cases filed by investors. The awards for the investors, a $530,000 ruling in November 2010, and a $2.2 million dollar ruling in December 2010, are some of the largest to date. In both awards, investors were awarded the amount of losses they sought in their claims. According to Investment News, investors have won seven of the eight Lehman note cases that have gone to arbitration hearing, reporting that many more have been settled by UBS prior to final hearing.

If you suffered an investment loss from your purchase of a Lehman Note from UBS, or any major brokerage house, and are uncertain as to how to attempt to recover your losses, you may contact me for a free and confidential consultation, toll free at: (866) 457-2847. Waiting on a drawn-out bankruptcy proceeding in the hopes of recovering some monies in the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy is not your only option. FINRA arbitration proceedings generally are resolved within 12 months (on average) of filing and, in some cases, earlier for elderly investors.

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