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Affinity Ponzi Scheme
In a recent enforcement action, the Securities and Exchange Commission brought charges against MFB 111 Investment, LLC and its principal, Monise François Bien Aimé, contending that they raised around $1.8 million from approximately 170 investors via an offering of unregistered securities, which specifically targeted those in the South Florida Haitian community. In its complaint, the...
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SEC enforcement action
The Securities and Exchange Commission has filed civil charges against Jeremy Koski, a Hawaii resident, for violation of the anti-fraud provisions of the federal securities laws in connection with his alleged manipulation of the trading market in equities backed by J.C. Penny Company Debentures. In its enforcement action, the SEC contends that Koski created false...
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Illegal Insider Trading Defense Lawyer
In its seemingly endless pursuit to track down and prosecute insider traders who profit from their use of material, nonpublic information — particularly those fiduciaries who are legally entrusted with the inside information (lawyers, accountants and investment bankers, known as “Gatekeepers”) — the Securities and Exchange Commission charged an attorney for illegal insider trading based...
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crypto fraud defense
Earlier this month, the Securities and Exchange Commission sought and secured emergency relief from a federal court, including a restraining order and a temporary asset freeze, against Digital Licensing Inc., which did business as “DEBT Box,” as well as eighteen individual defendants. The SEC alleged that the defendants perpetrated a fraudulent securities scheme involving the...
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securities fraud scheme defense
The Securities and Exchange Commission recently filed settled charges against a Boca Raton, Florida based fund administrator, Theorem Fund Services LLC (TFS), for its failure to respond to red flags regarding a fraudulent scheme perpetrated against a private fund and its investors. Per the SEC’s administrative order, TFS rendered administration services to a fund managed...
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algorithmic trading scheme
The Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit in late July against Mina Tadrus and Tadrus Capital LLC (“Defendants”) for allegedly defrauding investors in an algorithmic trading scheme. In its lawsuit, the SEC contends that at least since September 2020, the Defendants offered and sold investments in Tadrus Capital Fund LP, a supposed pooled investment...
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Why did I receive a SEC Subpoena
In my practice as a SEC defense attorney, I receive calls all the time from individuals who have just received a SEC Subpoena in connection with a SEC investigation and are seeking legal advice and counsel.  Quite often, I’m asked: Why did I receive a SEC Subpoena?  What is the SEC investigating?  And, perhaps most...
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SEC Subpoena process
A word of strong caution: do not take lightly compliance with an SEC Subpoena issued in connection with an SEC investigation.  The SEC expects timely and full compliance and, in situations where an individual or entity decides to challenge, slow play, or just plain refuse to comply with the SEC subpoena, the SEC Enforcement Division...
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SEC Investigation Attorney
SEC Investigation Attorney David Chase The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has very little tolerance (none) for financial advisors stealing customer funds, let alone those from vulnerable, elderly investors.  Yet that is precisely what Douglas McKelvey, a former securities industry fiduciary, is alleged to have done in a recently filed SEC enforcement complaint.   To compound...
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