The Law Firm of David Chase is Reviewing Potential Claims Against Bruce T. Cameron

The Law Firm of David Chase is reviewing a customer’s arbitration allegations of an unsuitable overconcentration in energy sector limited partnership investments made against Norwell, Massachusetts based RBC Capital Markets broker Bruce T. Cameron.  The customer’s FINRA arbitration case resulted in an award of damages of $688,079.00.

Overconcentration is a form of an unsuitable investment recommendation made by a stock broker or financial advisor. Overconcentration takes place where the advisor improperly recommends the purchase of a particular security and/or sector that then creates a portfolio that is unduly over-weighted in that particular security and/or sector.  It is the classic mistake of having “too many eggs in one basket.”  Overconcentration is dangerous because it amplifies the risk of loss in the event the security or sector falls in value, and denies the investor of the benefits of a diversified, asset-allocated portfolio.

FINRA arbitration is a fast, efficient way to recover your lost investment funds due to unsuitable investment recommendations, including overconcentration. Securities fraud lawyer, David Chase, principal of the Law Firm of David Chase, works on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay nothing unless you recover money.

If you invested with broker Bruce Cameron and RBC Capital Markets and have lost money as a result of an overconcentration in limited partnership energy sector investments, you may be able to recover some or all of your losses.  David Chase, an experienced securities fraud lawyer, represents brokerage firm customers in cases to recover investment losses due to stockbroker fraud and financial advisor misconduct through FINRA arbitration.

The Law Firm of David Chase, headed by securities fraud lawyer David Chase, represents nationwide the interests and rights of investment fraud victims. If you have questions about your ability to recover your investment losses, please contact David Chase for a free consultation at or toll-free at (800) 760-0912.

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