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Law Firm of David Chase is Reviewing Potential Claims Against Mark A. Trewitt

The Law Firm of David Chase is currently reviewing multiple customer allegations of unsuitable investment recommendations, negligence and breach of fiduciary duty that have been made against former Plano, Texas-based VFG Securities stock broker Mark Trewitt. These various customer complaints allege over $3 million in damages.

Trewitt is not currently employed by a FIRNA brokerage firm.  Previously, he was employed by VFG Securities based in Plano, TX.

Financial advisers are required to recommend only appropriate and suitable investments to their customers. This necessarily requires that the stock broker and financial advisor: investigate and conduct sufficient due diligence regarding the investment’s attributes, which include its inherent risks, benefits, income potential and tax consequences.  The financial adviser must also then match the proposed investment with the customer’s stated investment objectives, risk tolerance, age, income needs, etc. to ensure the investment recommendation is suitable.

The misrepresentation and/or omission of a material fact(s) in connection with the offer or sale of a security upon which the investor relies to his detriment constitutes securities fraud or, if the misrepresentation is negligently made, negligent misrepresentation. Stock brokers and financial advisors may be sued in FINRA arbitration for fraud and/or negligent misrepresentation in cases to recover defrauded investor losses.

FINRA arbitration is a fast, efficient way to recover your investment losses due to stock broker misconduct and financial advisor fraud, including unauthorized trading, unsuitable investments or churning. The Law Firm of David Chase, headed by stock broker fraud attorney David Chase, works on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay it nothing unless it recovers money for you.

If you invested with Mark Trewitt and VFG Securities and have lost money doing so, you may be able to recover some or all of your losses. David Chase, an experienced stock broker fraud attorney, represents investors in cases to recover their losses due to stock broker mismanagement and investment adviser misconduct through the FINRA arbitration process.

SEC Attorney David Chase represents defrauded investors around the country, protecting their rights and seeking compensation for their investment losses. If you have been defrauded by a stock broker or financial adviser, and have questions about your ability to recover your investment losses, please contact David Chase, a stock broker fraud attorney, for a free consultation at david@davidchaselaw.com or toll-free at (800) 760-0912.

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