Reasons to Hire an SEC Whistleblower Lawyer

SEC Whistleblower lawyer

Reasons to Hire an SEC Whistleblower Lawyer

The Securities and Exchange Commission has, since 2010, maintained an Office of the Whistleblower.  Its purpose is to incentivize individuals through monetary payments (bounties up to 30% of recovered monies by the SEC in excess of $1 million) to come forward and report, including anonymously, violations of the Federal Securities Laws.  The SEC’s Whistleblower Program has been extraordinarily successful in identifying, investigating and prosecuting securities violations, including fraudulent stock offering, insider trading and market manipulation schemes.  It has collected hundreds of millions of dollars in disgorgement and civil penalties and has paid out tens of millions to whistleblowers for their valuable tips and, in certain cases, substantial assistance and cooperation during the SEC investigation.

While you are not required to be represented by legal counsel when submitting a SEC Whistleblower Tip, you should seriously consider doing so, as you may remain anonymous and it may significantly increase the likelihood that the SEC chooses to investigate your tip out of the thousands it receives annually, thereby making it more likely you could be paid a lucrative bounty.

An experienced SEC Whistleblower attorney, particularly one having had worked at the SEC’s Enforcement Division (like me), will know the type of case that has the greatest chance of being chosen by the SEC.  Experienced SEC counsel will also know the quality of the evidence required, the relevant securities law that apply, and the particular format in which to credibly present it (including exhibits), in order to maximize the likelihood of capturing the SEC Enforcement Division’s professional interest.  And, in the event, the SEC does initiate an investigation, a seasoned SEC Whistleblower lawyer can facilitate substantial and meaningful cooperation, even if you opt to remain anonymous, again making it more likely the SEC will successfully pursue the case and recover funds.

If you have knowledge of past and/or ongoing securities fraud or other securities laws violations, particularly if you are an insider, you may want to consider filing a SEC Whistleblower claim after consultation with an SEC Whistleblower Attorney.  My law firm has joined forces with the Silver Law Group on these whistleblower matters.  Scott Silver, Esq., the principal of the Silver Law Group, is an ardent advocate for securities fraud victims as well as an experienced SEC Whistleblower lawyer, and has written a definitive SEC whistleblower primer, which is available upon request.  Check out our firms’ joint website at:

Hiring a SEC Whistleblower Attorney

For a free, confidential and no-obligation consultation, contact David Chase, a securities whistleblower attorney, and principal of the law firm of David R. Chase located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Call toll-free at: 800-760-0912, or send an e-mail:


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